Office Furniture Installation

We install furniture for the corporate, professional, healthcare, financial services and government sectors. We take on both small and large projects and work closely with in house facilities managers project managers and are normally requested to undertake all of the project management functions.

Reconfiguration and Maintenance

We provide a full reconfiguration and maintenance service which we will customise to your personal requirements and business needs.

Warehousing and Storage

We can arrange temporary storage of furniture for you whether it is to be stored from the manufacturer prior to installation or during relocation. We can also arrange to have the furniture delivered to site in a range of vehicles varying in size from vans to 40-foot trailers.

Disposal and Recycling

We arrange disposal of all packaging materials and can also dispose of office furniture that is no longer required. We always recycle where possible.

Crate Hire

If required, we are able to provide crate hire and packing materials for storage and relocation.
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